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Upcoming Public Workshop “Bracing for a Changing World” – April 18, Oakland, CA

Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team Workshop WORKSHOP THEME: BRACING FOR A CHANGING WORLD Agenda Now Available April 18, 2016 Elihu M. Harris State Building, Room 1 1515 Clay St. Oakland, CA Hosted by the Ocean Science Trust The Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (SAT) is composed of 26 esteemed scientists, convened to serve the science policy needs of California.… Read more →

Panelist Francis Chan on KAZU/NRP – Scientists Urge West Coast to Prepare for Approaching Acidification

[view the original post] By BRENDAN BANE LISTEN TO THE KAZU STORY HERE   A group of scientists is warning that West Coast waters are quickly growing more acidic. They issued a report this week urging coastline states to adopt a plan to deal with the ocean’s rapidly changing chemistry. Seawater grows acidic when carbon dioxide seeps in from the… Read more →

Leading Ocean Scientists Recommend An Immediate, Coordinated Action Plan To Combat Alarming Changes To West Coast Seawater Chemistry

Media Contact: Samuel Chiu, 916-651-7585   April 4, 2016   A 20-member scientific panel warns that increases in global carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying waters of the North American West Coast at an accelerating rate; severe ecological consequences are anticipated.   SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Global carbon dioxide emissions are triggering permanent and alarming changes to ocean chemistry along the… Read more →