The Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team

Mobilizing the Scientific Community

To ensure the Panel’s impact on decision-making for years to come, the scientific community must remain engaged and mobilized. With the Panel’s term complete, the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC-SAT) – an interdisciplinary team of experts from California and beyond – is stepping into this role:

Addressing Critical Science Needs

From water quality to impacts to fisheries and the link with harmful algal blooms, among others, the OPC-SAT is working to help California be climate-ready:

Engage with the OPC-SAT

Ocean Science Trust convenes the OPC-SAT on behalf of the Ocean Protection Council (OPC). Ocean Science Trust hosts workshops that bring together the OPC-SAT, the OPC, other decision-makers, and the public. Reach out to Hayley Carter at for workshop schedules, to engage on OPC-SAT projects, and/or share ideas.


Key Documents