About the California OAH Science Task Force


Mission: The Task Force is serving as a responsive advisory body that will provide scientific guidance to the Ocean Protection Council in an ongoing manner to inform continued actions on ocean acidification and hypoxia in California and along the West Coast.

“Ocean acidification is a global problem that is having a disproportionate impact on productive West Coast ecosystems."

Francis Chan

Task Force co-chair, Oregon State University

Convened by Ocean Science Trust on behalf of the California Ocean Protection Council

In 2018, the Ocean Protection Council tasked Ocean Science Trust with convening the Task Force, composed of leading scientific experts from across the U.S. West Coast, to ensure that further action on these issues continues to be supported by the best available science. This effort was spurred by recommendations of the West Coast Panel (OAH Panel Action 8.1) as well as Assembly Bill 2139 (Williams), passed in September 2016, which designated the establishment of the Task Force. The Task Force is an advisory committee of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team.