Task Force Members

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from California, Oregon, Washington and beyond were assembled to provide scientific advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Ocean Protection Council.

Steve Weisberg


Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Francis Chan


Oregon State University

Jim Barry

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Alexandria Boehm

Stanford University

Shallin Busch

NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Sarah Cooley

Ocean Conservancy

Richard Feely

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Lisa Levin

University of California, San Diego


Members are serving through 2021, with the possibility of extension pending State need and available resources.

Conflict of Interest

Ocean Protection Council grantees who serve as principal or co-principal investigators are ineligible for participation on the Task Force in order to reduce actual or potential conflicts of interest associated with fulfilling the duties of the Task Force. If an OPC grant is received during a Task Force member’s term, that member will be asked to step down.