The Pacific Coast Collaborative

Leading the West Coast and the World

The West Coast will face some of the earliest, most severe impacts from changing ocean chemistry. California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia have come together through the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) – a regional forum on issues facing Pacific North America – to rise to the challenge of advancing the Panel’s innovative Recommendations across the world.


Join the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

In December 2016, the PCC launched the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification to raise awareness, and support the development of OA action plans worldwide. OA is an all hands on deck challenge:

  • local, state, regional, and national governments;
  • independent organizations of all kinds;
  • universities and research institutions; and
  • others are all encouraged to participate.

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Track the PCC

Learn more about the PCC at Contact Jessie Turner, Policy Advisor, at on PCC actions and the International Alliance.


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